Human Rights Advocacy In Action
Head of Amnesty International Czech Republic
On 23.5 Late Night Diplomacy had the eleventh session of the project with Ms. Linda Sokačová, head of the human rights organization Amnesty International in the Czech Republic. Ms. Sokačová has a very rich background in human rights advocacy and civic activism and has delivered a presentation and a workshop on how AI advocates for the rights of the oppressed people in Czechia and worldwide, presented examples of good practice from the work of the organization, as well as enriched the participants with how a single individual can make a global change. The main scope of the speech underlined various practices of campaign management and activism, as well as global tools of leverage on the governments that suppress the freedom of speech and other civil liberties worldwide. Also, a great emphasis was put on the mechanisms of Amnesty International when it comes to advocacy and fighting for justice for so-called prisoners of consciousness locally and globally.

The followed-up workshop had an aim to enlighten our participants in the field of human rights advocacy, Our participants had to develop full-scale local and global campaigns, linked to the sexual harassment of women and women empowerment in the countries, which often neglect the role of females in the society. Our participants were divided into various groups that had to come up with an initiative for different target groups - political establishment, civil society organizations, the private sector, and general public, then not engaged in the active political life of the state. The results of the workshop turned out to be fruitful for AI as a good handout from the perspective of young leaders. The acquired knowledge for our participants was also extremely valuable, as some of them intend to link their career path to the advocacy of human rights.