We have chosen the most up-to-date topics from the world of international relations. Each session is uniquely tailored to current affairs, containing a theoretical basis and an interactive assignment that will make you experience what policymaking feels like.

New Ethics /
Socio-Economic & Media Discourses
Over the last few years the voices of the enlightened community, all sorts of activities and human rights defenders have transformed the language and the discourse that we use on a daily basis. Information about sexual, racial or other types of offence reaching out to more people and at the end of the day gives the feeling of solidarity to a victim (group of victims) in the world of injustice.
Economic Dimension /
EU Foreign Policy
EU Foreign Policy that evolves in respect to third nations has taken on new significance and has become another, yet a new component of the European integration process. Join the discussion about the solutions regarding the current course and priorities of the EU Foreign Policy.

Multilateral Identity /
Modern EU
The EU has become a lot more than just a political body. It has become something that brings prosperity not only to every citizen of the Union, but to those who are in need., Yet, more often we hear that the EU has to be somehow transformed. Does that mean the EU is in crisis? What is it going to look like 5-10 years from now?
Climate Change /
State Policy
It is naive to deny the fact that we witness how nature changes every year. The Green New Deal in the US, the European Green deal, and the commitments of the world's leading brands indicate that the measures have to be taken in place to prevent Global Warming with its consequences. However, in some parts of the world we witness that the green agenda is not on the table of state policy. Yet, it exists in an embryo phase, but becomes a tool for a political struggle in the international arena.

Extremism /
Extremists are not just people in black ski masks. They could be ordinary good civilians who sympathize with some unpopular social idea but are very critical personally to a potential extremist. Now the weapon of these people is not just a good old AK47, but ICT, messengers and a huge sophisticated chain of encryption. And those people are capable of spreading fear in the society and cause significant violence to the state order and the calm of society. Discuss what is the danger and try to stop it yourself.
Disinformation /
Cyber Security
Disinformation is around us - it does not come from only news from other countries. Now the news, influencers, media channels and groups are created to generate an idea which another state is trying to implement, subvert, in another country. Some claim democracy is under attack but sometimes concentrate more on how to find a victim rather than solve an issue. Explore how to stop the so-called ideology on exporting misinformation and how to find the truth in a world of 1001 truths.
Energy Security /
European Union
It is merely possible to imagine the life of the EU with energy shortages, but nowadays it has become a bitter reality. Oil prices rise worldwide, Nord Stream 2 will start operating in June 2022 and speculations of turning the black gold of the EU's cheapest supplier into a political tool are getting hotter. But energy is not only oil. It is the coal industry, nuclear power plants and of course renewable sources which share within the world energy market must be increased in the following years. Let us discover where the EU stands in that game.
Transatlantic Relations /
Disinformation & Hybrid Threats
There is no doubt we live in a highly dangerous world in terms of digital security. Today it is much easier to manipulate the public opinion from any point on the map, subvert, promote someone’s interests, or disrupt the order and even instigate violence. Find out how to counter disinformation and even try it yourself.
World Migration /
Security Issues
National Security as an idea is consistent with time, space and geography. One of the concepts within National Security of time and space is migration, the factor that may affect both security and stability in the world.
Sustainable Development /
Rural Regions & Digitalization
Nearly 13% of the world population has no access to electricty. 37% of the world has never seen memes, this is because they have no access to the internet, due to lack of electricity. 19% of the population has no access to safe drinking water at home. These are not humble numbers, the current Gen Z in Europe have almost no clue how to carry that burden. We not only need Elon Musk to sell stocks, but professionals with potential money (or the other way around) to help make the quality of life on our planet better.
Gender Equality / Diplomatic Relations
Not without a reason vast amounts of states began to institutionalize gender equality as a policy of international relations. Nations establish and enforce multiple agreements and treaties in order to proceed further development and increase cooperation between each other. However, do these enforcements work and contain any sense if there are still numerous riots and movements for gender equality issues? Jump into the real- life cases and find out what obstacles prevent nations from withholding gender equality stability.
Conflict Resolution /
Armaments & Arms Control
Today there are 56 ongoing conflicts. They cause different casualties, but that does not change the way to take a look at that. Yet, some states that claim to oppose violence indirectly support the favored party by trading arms indirectly, via chains of middlemen in various other states. Does the arms trade industry help to solve conflicts or is it diplomacy and public pressure which step in the ring?