We want to inspire and motivate our participants to constant career and personal growth so that the future generation of political leaders will learn from the experience of today's leaders.

Today, participants need to acquire knowledge outside boring classrooms, and Late Night Diplomacy gives them a chance to improve their skills, which the university itself in some regions of the Czech Republic does not provide in proper form. We are inspired by interactive teaching models from the USA, Germany and Great Britain, where we can see elements of gamification of the learning process.

The fact that we offer students the opportunity to contact politicians and experts, get to know them, communicate with them, exchange ideas and emphasize to participants that they are on the same level as speakers, by putting them on the same table, increases their self-confidence and motivates them to development in the field.
Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
Malcom X
Human Rights Activist
Late Night Diplomacy - Turning Theory Into Real Diplomacy