For our conferences we have chosen a very special place — Kaiserštejn Palace, located in a Baroque-style building in Malá Strana. It was built in its current form in 1714 by joining two Renaissance houses. The palace consists of two buildings connected by small side wings forming a smaller courtyard. Designed by Giovanni Battista Alliprandi, the construction was carried out by the workshop of Christopher Dientzenhofer .

In the 1840s the building was acquired by the Czech Savings Bank, which in 1845 designed the first-floor festival hall in the style of late classicism. Later, in 1977 a vast restoration was launched, restoring its original Baroque appearance.

The first owner was the military commander of Prague, František Helfrýd, a free lord from Kaiserstein. In the following years, the palace changed several owners. The Radecký family from Radče was among them. A monument to Marshal Radecký, considered one of the best military leaders of the 19th century, was unveiled in Malostranské náměstí in 1859. At that time, the square also bore his name.

The palace from Radecký was acquired by hotelier Václav Petzold, who set up a restaurant here. The palace was called "U Petzoldů" for another hundred years. Petzold's wife, opera singer Marie Sittová, became the first representative of Smetana's The Bartered Bride. Later between the years 1908–1911, a famous Czech opera star, Ema Destinnová, lived here.

Today, the hall of Late Night Diplomacy conferences holds her name.