Late Night Diplomacy (LND) is a student-driven initiative aimed to create a discussion forum between aspiring professionals, students, in the field of International Relations and Political Sciences and dedicated professionals, politicians, diplomats, public servants, etc.

The project consists of 12 mini-conferences. Each seminar will be dedicated to a specific topic ranging from EU affairs and human rights up to terrorism and conflict resolution. The goal is to provide the students an opportunity to get in touch with the real world of diplomacy, increase their professional network, gain access to first-hand information on current affairs, and experience handling world issues themselves.

Through this program, we aim to equip youth with the tools necessary not only to excel in international relations careers, but we also aim to ensure that Europe itself is equipped with well-trained and motivated personnel to help the continent remain at the forefront of international issues in the next century and beyond.


Network & Learn
Meet inspiring peers from all over Czech Republic and beyond to change ideas and maybe create projects together. And of course, meet top speakers, VIPs, former and current diplomats, talk in person, present ideas and gain valuable references for your performance and thoughts.
Experience Diplomacy
Our conferences are tailored in a way to mutually supply both parts – theoretical and practical – so you will learn to widen your knowledge and will practice it right away by using newly received knowledge in combination with your own expertise.
It Is Free of Charge
LND is sponsored by a generous donation from the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union, therefore we can afford to accommodate everything and deliver high quality student confrecenes at our own costs