Women's Fight For Equality in the View of the Arab World
Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia in Prague
On 28.3 Late Night Diplomacy had the third session of the project with H.E. Yosra Souiden - Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia in Prague. The topic of discussion was the Women's Fight For Equality in the View of the Arab World. Madam Ambassador is one of the first women in Tunisia that took high government positions in Tunisia. This fact allowed the discussion to be full of various interesting insights on women's rights, religion, as well as challenges and obstacles women face in the Middle East when comes to political participation. The session covered both dimensions - cultural, political, and historic which shape the role of women in Arab societies. Madam Ambassador has underlined several legislative changes which led to the transformation of Tunisian politics and allowed women more space for their political engagement, which was very interesting for the participants. The followed-up discussion has then further underlined the religious aspect which still remains one of the greatest obstacles in the way the societies in the Middle East shape the role of women.

The afterward team assignment then was inspired by the Model United Nations simulated talks on the European Commission on the same-sex marriage directive. Each participant became a representative of an EU member state and had to study a lot of materials on how the status of LGBTQ+ people is regarded in the country. The moderated discussion was full of hot discussions between the EU representatives, which, sometimes, had to confront their own beliefs in favor of the country's interests and also confront or agree with the anti-gender lobby. The legislation in our simulation was at the end of the day adopted and our participants have developed a lot of useful skills and knowledge when comes to the art of diplomacy and cultural awareness.