EU Enlargement: Challenges & Obstacles On The Way To The Union. A Turkish Experience
Turkish Ambassador to the Czech Republic /
Former EU Minister and Chief Negotiator
On Monday, 11.4, was the fifth session in the Late Night Diplomacy format on the current EU affairs and its multilateral identity in the context of the enlargement of the Union. The session was led by H.E. Egemen Bağış Turkish Ambassador to the Czech Republic and Former EU Minister and Chief Negotiator.

The session was dedicated to a long process of the Turkish attempts to join the European Union, including the history of such relations, the current stand of the accession talks, combined with the unique first-hand perspective of the speaker, who was a chief negotiator in the years 2011-2013. The sessions was very interactive and included a lot of debates between the speaker and our participants both, during the speech and a informal networking break.

The followed simulation, inspired by the actual Turkey-EU negotiations, widened the outlook of our participants on how complicated could be the negotiations between 2 main parties. It included various components, such as economic affairs, foreign policy goals, as well as social aspects. 2 groups representing different blocks had to wether find compromises and common language on such substantial matters, or wether achieve a "diplomatic stalemate" did an outstanding job and showed high level of professionalism during negotiations and a followed-up press conference within the simulation.