Future of Energy Security
Researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague
On 02.5 Late Night Diplomacy had the eighths session of the project with Mr. Martin Zubko, Researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague on the Future of Energy Security. Mr. Zubko has spent several years professionally researching the field of Energy Security, Energy Policy, and Energy Diplomacy. His expertise in this area allowed him to deliver unique graphs and knowledge on a global energy market and its relation to diplomatic affairs. His speech was aimed at the interconnection between historical, political, and economic aspects of energy resources of each EU member state, their dependency on Russian fossil fuels, sustainable resources, and the transformation of EU energy policy and market in spite of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The followed-up simulation had rather a practical manner and included a lot of maths, which is not a very popular field for the students of humanities. Precisely tailored tasks were aimed at the development of analytical skills and predictions when it comes to the analysis and research of energy markets. Various assignments were also aimed at the ability of students to work with charts in a squeezed time and by using their current knowledge to increase the quality of their own research. Such hard skills are extremely necessary these days, as we see how fossil fuels and other energy resources are used as an additional tool in the diplomatic power-play between the EU, U.S. and Russia.